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my name is diana (pronoun = she/her). i like eating, travelling, doctor who, disney movies, sherlock, harry potter, the hunger games, the office, musicals (my trades page is here), john and hank green, and the french revolution (and france in general really). the things i post most about have their own special tags (x).
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When we shot the scene where I had to propose to Katniss where I get down on one knee, the very first time I did it I got down on one knee and my pants ripped right underneath. It’s not a good omen, the first time I try to propose to a girl I rip my pants. I’m doomed, I’m absolutely doomed.

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every night i let him into my bed

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endless list of ships
- everlark (the hunger games)

"my nightmares are usually about losing you, and i’m okay once i realize you’re here"

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Hi. Once again, just pointing out that there is SNOW ON THE FRONT OF KATNISS’ COAT AND ON THE BACK OF PEETA’S.


The snow kiss is totally happening, guys.

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i like your face: josh hutcherson