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my name is diana (pronoun = she/her). i like eating, travelling, doctor who, disney movies, sherlock, harry potter, the hunger games, the office, musicals (my trades page is here), john and hank green, and the french revolution (and france in general really). the things i post most about have their own special tags (x).
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HI GUYS. these are all of the shirts that i’m selling! i’m asking $10 each or 2 for $15, or 3 for $20 plus additional shipping depending on where you live. i prefer paypal but it’s possible we could work something else out. message me if you’re interested!

BMTH(purchased in concert!): women’s M
JASON MRAZ(purchased in concert!): women’s M-L (big medium)
ALEXISONFIRE(purchased in concert!): men’s S
FENWAY PARK(purchased in boston!): men’s L
KERMIT: men’s M 
SIMPLE PLAN(purchased in concert!): women’s M 

(BMTH, Jason Mraz, and Alexisonfire shirts are double-sided)


hey guys! this is NOT a giveaway, but i am in a need for cash and have decided to sell my TSEST t-shirt. 

this shirt has only been worn once so it is in awesome condition. it’s a women’s medium and i had it specially printed up so it is one-of-a-kind! wouldn’t you look so sweet rocking this at the shows this winter?

i’m asking $10 plus additional shipping (depending on where you are). paypal is preferred but we could possibly work something out. message me here (or on my personal account) if you’re interested!